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By drenching only when required, Castle Hill has reduced the use of drench by 1-2 drenches over the season, saving around pounds 500.
When Sadness Comes Pouring Down": How sadness comes down / like a gray cloud out of the clear sky / Oh what a startling surprise / when the rain begins to pour down / with that drenching sound /What was once a bright day / drifts slowly away / on a sail into the bay.
Drenching involves the application of a disinfectant that kills the spores which could cause mould.
Big Brother star Federico got a drenching on his return visit to Newcastle.
But this drenching definitely does not spritz from family-friendly sources.
Groundbreaking Drenching Showerhead Design Offers Fathers
An angry solo by Sanders culminates in a cathartic drenching by the Buddha: the ink in her hair dribbles down her face and body.
Our computer modelling suggests that in 14 to 18 years, graziers may be able to stop drenching completely, provided their resistant sheep are kept separate.
Activities will range from enormous games of SOAKERTAG - pitting hundreds of co-eds against each other in a drenching fight to the finish - to a wet and wacky SUPER SOAKER obstacle course.
THIS is the moment a motorist lands in hot water - as her boyfriend films her drenching children at a bus stop.