dress down

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"One of the team suggested that instead of having a dress down day on payday that we dress up in our favourite Disney character pyjamas and onesies and donate a fiver to the charity.
Other policies may focus on employee comfort, prescribing a dress code that allows employees to dress smartly but still in a way that is presentable to both internal and external customers.In such a policy, employees would be free to dress down from official suits, ties, skirt suits to less formal jackets, sweaters and dresses.
"Throughout March we have paid to do dress down Fridays and people have been putting in their own donations as well."
Deadlines and budgets aside, one in ten workers cite dress down Friday as the most stressful time of the week and 15 percent become so stressed by what to wear they even call in sick, the Daily Mail reported.
“The March of Dimes Foundation is a fantastic organization that we are proud to donate the proceeds of our dress down Friday incentive to.
Whether you're in a meeting, at a cocktail reception or dreading dress down day - Saab can help.
Events planned by workers at ACC, the home to BT Convention Centre and ECHO arena, included bake off competitions, dress down days and quiz nights.
The credit union held a blue dress down day and bake sale for prostate cancer and a pink dress down day and a gift basket auction for breast cancer.
According to him, to make someone dress down his soul for money is much more shameful than to pay someone to strip for you.
This is because of a) the influence of such factors as Dress Down Friday (extended, in many cases, to Dress Down Every Day) and the current trend towards abandoning ties; b) today's general culture of self-centeredness; and c) a failure to recognise that how you dress is a courtesy - or discourtesy - to others.
She tries to dress down. She tries to disguise my like.
The Bellingham Moss Adams office has designated one Friday each month as Dress Down for Charity Day, an office sponsored day that supports a more casual dress code, and provides an opportunity to donate to a worthy cause.