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Maybe I was the one who had the dress rehearsal out of all perspective.
As things stand with A Dog's Heart, Graeme says unless the company complete a dress rehearsal which proves the La Scala staff have the technical ability to do the show safely, the whole production could be in jeopardy.
The dress rehearsal sets the tone but you want to experience the real thing.
The crew climbed into the space shuttle Atlantis and participated in a countdown dress rehearsal.
Children from nearby Barford Pre-School and Bright Horizons Nursery were invited to watch the dress rehearsal which was hugely successful.
In the theatre, the point of a dress rehearsal is to give the performers a chance to get accustomed to all the unusual props and costumes required for a show.
GAO reviewed Bureau and contractor data, evaluations, and other documents on HHC performance and staff productivity; interviewed Bureau and contractor officials; and visited the two dress rehearsal sites to observe and document the use of the HHCs in the field.
BEIJING: Beijing Olympics organisers were upbeat on yesterday after a secret but apparently successful first full dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the Games.
Ambulance crews were called to Oakengates Theatre in Telford, Shropshire, on Wednesday night after a piece of scenery fell on the children during a dress rehearsal for the musical.
Black-and-white photographs illustrate these plain-spoken instructions for interacting with parents, leading kids in theater preparation and warmup exercises, and a detailed five-day planner filled with activities for kids to learn about everything from scriptwriting to body positioning to dress rehearsal and curtain calls.
In all, six agencies took part in the three-hour drill organized as a dress rehearsal should the alarm sound on the biohazard detection system at the Santa Clarita Postal Distribution Center.
Step four involves creating in your mind an imaginary dress rehearsal that includes calm, confident feelings and a peak performance.