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To obtain this certification, Dresser Consolidated and Dresser Masoneilan demonstrated a commitment to reducing environmental impact through responsible and compliant operations.
Go into a typical farm or cottage today and the chances are that you will find at least one dresser there.
By providing a complete set of control valve technologies, we are able to provide a solution that not only meets PDVSA's stringent site specifications, but also helps them deliver natural gas to the people of Venezuela with less impact to their environment," said Greg Giernoth, marketing manager for Dresser Becker.
Today the dresser has risen from the shadows to reign supreme in the kitchens and dining rooms of rural and urban homes.
Dresser Masoneilan's differentiated technologies, such as the V-LOG([R]) and LincolnLog([R]) Energy Management Trim designs, provide the ideal control valve solution for general service through severe service applications.
Houston facility houses more than $10 million in Dresser Consolidated and Dresser Masoneilan spare parts, MRO valves and quick ship valves, as well as a rapid response machining department.
Dresser Masoneilan will provide the four nuclear power plants with Variable Resistance Trim (VRT) control valves, offering high controllability, extended valve life and maximum cavitation protection.
Dresser Consolidated and Dresser Masoneilan will supply valves, which are an integral part of the nuclear power plants' conventional islands, and operational service and support for the estimated 60-year life of the reactors.
We hope to continue to expand and deepen our cooperation with Dresser in our mutual focus on the natural gas market in China.
The Dresser Wayne Nucleus POS system is the most popular touch screen system in the industry today," said Tom Chittenden, Retail Systems Product Manager for Dresser Wayne.
Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers featuring the iDPOS option are an extension of existing Dresser Wayne payment and physical security products and are ideal for all fuel retailers who are concerned with protecting both their brand image as well as their customers' sensitive payment card data.