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No dressing, dressing on the side, skip the eggs and bacon, add chicken to a particular salad instead of fish -- the sky's the limit.
A good dressing brings out the flavor of fresh vegetables, rather than smothering them with salt.
Plus, moistened gauze is much cheaper in the short term than the hydrocolloid dressings and vacuums that suck out wound fluid.
In addition to its full size, four perforations allow the dressing to be sized to 20.
For promoting optimal wound kin healing, the three primary functions of a dressing are to protect the wound from movement, to protect it from desiccation, and to keep it clean.
VEGETARIAN: croissants, The King Sauce and tartar sauce, honey mustard dipping sauce, ranch dressing, bagels, Dutch apple pie, Spicy Bean Burger (in UK and Ireland)
However, a broader definition of cross dressing - that includes not only those in positions of power dressing like the less powerful, but the powerless concealing their identity by dressing "up" like the dominant groups reveals that Egyptians engage in a great deal of cross dressing.
A framework for clothing purchase decision making was developed and the following eight selected clothing purchase decision variables were utilized in the study: (1) physical comfort, (2) freedom of movement, (3) price, (4) ease of dressing, (5) psychological comfort, (6) fashion, (7) care, and (8) fitting in with group.
You can make a dressing stick from a wooden hanger.
This accuracy is dependent in part on the quality and suitability of the diamond dressing product used.
OB) today announced FDA approval of ALGICELL(TM) Ag Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing with Antimicrobial Silver, a next-generation product for patients who require a topical antimicrobial as part of their advanced wound management protocol.
DRESSING to impress can backfire badly even for the most glam star.