dressing down

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They will also be dressing down on Tuesday along with Lian and other Austin's staff, including Lianne Tauge, 34, from Pelaw, Kelly Powell, 34, from Chester-le-Street, and Charlie Watson, 19, from Durham.
Gill Fraser, of Croner, said: "As with everything, dressing down can have positive and negative impacts on a business.
I expect a host of people will come forward and say that dressing down actually improves productivity because employees are happier when they're dressed that way.
There are signs that guys are dressing down for work, even in the City, with short-sleeved own brand cotton and linen shirts up 64% on last year.
Terry asked Aby who had been giving her a dressing down and she responded: "Loud mouth and loud mouth two.
That gave other celebrities the green light to wear high street clothes to flashy events and in recent weeks Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Jodie Kidd have all been spotted dressing down.
Godmother Bea Reygan, of Plymouth, said: "He's been given an diabolical dressing down.
In a web survey by business information specialists Croner, 67% of HR professionals believe that employees are dressing down too much.
While the remaining third still supports the idea of employees ditching suit and tie for T-shirt the survey shows that dressing down is rapidly falling out of favour through over use.