dressing down

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They will also be dressing down on Tuesday along with Lian and other Austin's staff, including Lianne Tauge, 34, from Pelaw, Kelly Powell, 34, from Chester-le-Street, and Charlie Watson, 19, from Durham.
'I was called in to see Mike Ruddock and Alan Phillips for a dressing down over my behaviour,' Henson continues.
As dressing down gains in popularity, so do specialty retailers and discounters--and they do this at the expense of department stores, which are losing market share.
When the half-time whistle blew, Brown marched his players to the away end, sat them down and gave them a dressing down.
'A little summer dressing down and a temporary relaxing of workplace dress codes will reap huge benefits for those employers who realise that cool, comfortable workplaces are good for productivity and for their employees.'
PORTSMOUTH manager Alain Perrin will escape with a written warning for his hand-clapping antics at Bolton, although he has already had a dressing down from chairman Milan Mandaric.
They are falling for the latest Tinseltown trend - dressing down.
A new survey shows that bosses are now set against an idea that was once seen as a driver of creativity, productivity and motivation - dressing down at work.
BUILDING society staff are dressing down - to boost the Echo Buy-a-Bed for Velindre Appeal.
DRESSING DOWN: The Jeans for Genes Day at President Kennedy school raised more than pounds 1,000.
The move came just this month when staff, who decide on their own dress for work, began dressing down for the summer.