dressing down

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AT BARCLAYS where dressing down codes for non-customer facing staff have been in place for several years' the company has not found staff rude, lazy or flirtatious.
And Strachan revealed it is not the first time he has given out a dressing down to foul-acting teenagers and members of the public.
However, Glasgow fashion designer Spencer Railton believes that although stars are opting to wear jeans, they're not totally dressing down for big events.
But you've got to hand it to the gal - she's certainly got dressing down, down to a dressed-up, sophisticated art.
The image guru said there has been a backlash against dressing down in the States.
But, according to Peter Clough, lecturer in psychology at the University Of Hull, dressing down isn't necessarily such a great idea: "It may affect morale but there's no evidence that it affects productivity.
Sam points out that dressing down days in sectors where a business suit is the norm, often causes even more stress as employees wonder what image to project to fit in.
The DJ tore into the BBC chief after getting a dressing down for his breakfast show antics.
The bosses insist dressing down, far from dumbing down, can mean a more effective and less stressed workforce.
But the Spice Girls took the dressing down in their stride.
After the disastrous journey to Box Hill, she is given a dressing down by Knightley (Jonny Lee Miller) and when things change for Frank, who is expected to propose to Emma, everything begins to change for the darlings of the posh set.
A little summer dressing down and a temporary relaxing of workplace dress codes will reap huge benefits for those employers who realise that cool, comfortable workplaces are good for productivity and for their employees.