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It must have burned a hole through my dressing gown.
The pink hue of Cheryl's dressing gown was especially horrible, but she must have chosen it to match her peculiar new hairdo.
So I ripped off my dressing gown to discover there was this huge burn mark all across the back of it.
Sometimes I feel like stringing myself up with the dressing gown cord.
Adapting David Leavitt's The Page Turner for the screen, gay Catalonian filmmaker Ventura Pons shows himself to be very comfortable in Leavitt's twee cerebral world, where a 60-ish music impresario wears a silk dressing gown to greet the hustler out of the back pages of Unzipped and seduces a young musician to a Scarlatti harpsichord piece.
The scenario, in which Jane, robed in a white dressing gown with a hangman's noose around her neck, pours a pitcher of water into an aquarium in which her sister's head is partially submerged, initiates a spellbound circularity.
Scarpia's tight gray waistcoat and long Asian-style dressing gown are equally wonderful.
This was after Chloe, 21, claimed that Jeremy, 34, had drunkenly opened her dressing gown and tried to look at her breasts while the two were alone in the toilet.
This beige stain corseted playsuit and pink This beige stain corseted playsuit and pink robe dress - that's dressing gown to you and me - is from the spring 2014 collection of Russian couturier Ulyana Sergeenko.
We love this Shawl Collar Cosy Fleece Belted Dressing Gown, which is super soft and available in a range of shades.
A GRANDAD jumped on his bicycle in a dressing gown and chased vandals who damaged his home.
DRESSING Gown Day is a new fundraising event launched by Action for ME, the UK's leading charity for people with the chronic, disabling illness and their carers.