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STATION, civil law. A place where ships may ride in safety. Dig. 49, 12, 1, 13; id. 50, 15, 59.

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On 24th October the Field Ambulance left Ecoivres for Prouville where they set up a dressing station in a chateau and evacuated cases to Doullens by horse and wagon.
As a result of this, there were some 350 burials in the vicinity of the dressing station between then and the end of March 1918.
The Dressing Station proves that not only is Kaplan a good doctor but he also has a very evident flair for writing.
The two corpsmen had already talked about how they would divide medical duties in the event of a mass casualty emergency -- Parlier would handle injuries at the after battle dressing station, while Moser took care of patients up forward.
When there was accommodation at the 25th Field Dressing Station I was posted up there and stayed for a number of months.
He was shot in both legs and died on his way to the dressing station.
Jones was a stretcher bearer in France who went missing on June 15, 1917, after taking a wounded soldier to the dressing station.
On November 11, 1917, near a dressing station at La Bergere, a "lunatic soldier" escaped from his escort.
Joan Hunter of Blyth, his great neice, tells his story: "On 12/10/17 he escorted his officer (who had been injured in the attack on Passchendaele) to the dressing station, he left to return to the line and was never seen again, presumed to have taken a direct hit by a shell.
With eyes and lungs damaged by German mustard gas, 10 blindfolded soldiers struggle towards a dressing station.
Gerry said: "I was taking the wounded in, I probably took him into the dressing station - but I wouldn't have recognised him covered in blood.