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Kate poured forth many thanks for her uncle's consideration, which Ralph received as if he had deserved them all, and they arrived without any further conversation at the dressmaker's door, which displayed a very large plate, with Madame Mantalini's name and occupation, and was approached by a handsome flight of steps.
The dressmaker was a buxom person, handsomely dressed and rather good-looking, but much older than the gentleman in the Turkish trousers, whom she had wedded some six months before.
`Well, there have to be dressmakers. It's a good trade.
SUNDAY THE DRESSMAKER, C4, 11.00PM A fashion designer returns to her home town in the 1950s, planning to reconcile with her mother and get even with her enemies.
Phantom Thread Sky Cinema Drama, 8pm In his final role before his retirement, Daniel Day-Lewis (left) plays dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock who takes on a young waitress as his muse.
Freeview Inspector Montalbano BBC Four, 9pm A dressmaker is murdered and the detective must uncover the secrets behind the victim's life to get at the truth behind her death.
Phantom Thread Sky Cinema Premiere, 9pm Celebrated dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock falls in love with Alma, a shy but strong-willed waitress who refuses to conform to his meticulous rules.
In a report by ABC News, the Puerto Rican singer actress said in the early '60s, she was 'making a making a really crappy World War II movie, playing yet another native girl' and had a dressmaker in Manila make her gown.
BANK robbers, a dressmaker and a firearm heiress feature in movies at the big screen this week.
Films Phantom Thread 15, 130mins, opens Friday DANIEL Day-Lewis, above, plays an obsessive dressmaker in 50s London in this languid and beautiful drama about his relationship with a waitress who becomes his muse and lover.
The Prince and the Dressmaker is an all-ages graphic novel; despite the fairytale title, it's set in modern times.
The Prince and the Dressmaker. First Second/Macmillan, February 2018.