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The drifter design most often used for ocean studies is the Surface Velocity Program (SVP) drifting buoy [9], also called a WOCE drifter.
Anyone will tell you that a hydraulic drifter drills twice as fast for half the fuel cost.
When I found this drifter it had just come in on the tide, but it's also a quiet beach without many visitors," he commented.
Previous to his Alaskan hermitage the Drifter was a highly regarded architect overly focused on his career.
We crafted Drifter to make waves in the category and provide beer lovers with a new pale ale experience," said Kurt Widmer, co-founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing.
said Thursday it is recalling 233 Vulcan Classic and Vulcan 400 Drifter motorcycles for free repairs of defective parts.
Balzac's artist-flaneur--a dandyish, somewhat detached figure--would appear to have anticipated, by almost a hundred and fifty years, the transient urban drifter of Guy Debord's late-1960s Paris.
Deilmann-Haniel's B 2000 R drifter has been designed for severe drilling applications and large drilling diameters.
The drifter moves through this topsy-turvy frontier world with no sense of motivation beyond a dim awareness of some force (the Western's narrative conventions) pushing him on.
And the assailant, Stephen Roy Carr, was a poster-boy suspect: an unemployed drifter who had served time in a Florida prison and jumped parole.
The Drifter Tour, which begins November 4 in Encinitas and ends November 19 in Laguna Beach, will cover 11 venues along the West and East Coasts, along with a few private screenings in between.