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The wild racing of the giant drill betokened that it was running loose in AIR--and then another truth flashed upon me.
On Japan's advice, in the beginning, she had expelled from the Empire all Western missionaries, engineers, drill sergeants, merchants, and teachers.
As he spoke a white drill skirt fluttered past the open state-room door, and I caught a glimpse of an upturned moustache beyond.
Plante's eyes lit up when his brother's neighbour returned from a six-month diamond drill placement in Syria with $180,000 in his pocket.
The drill is repeated--in both directions--for as many reps as the coach desires.
Drill types include a plan walk-through, tabletop exercise, event simulation, or full deployment drill (Kamer 2003).
Wentworth Energy decided it was more cost effective to drill a replacement well 100 feet from this well (the Red Lake Gas Unit #1-R) to access the Woodbine formation.
These drills have clearly defined beginning and ending points, with a structured movement that is not subject to much variability once the drill is initiated.
Their drill bits cut through a layer of previously undiscovered nickel and copper ores at 1.
to drill wells for the purpose of using its patented Calliope Gas Recovery System to recover stranded gas reserves.
Eventually, it can become a timed competitive drill.
The Energy Department plans to test new high-temperature equipment, including an insulated drill pipe designed to protect lubricating drilling fluids from damaging heat.