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If you want to go to work, there's work everywhere," says Don Seguin, NORCAT's supervisor of diamond drill instruction, who previously worked overseas as a diamond driller in South Africa.
He will conclude the drill by pointing them forward or giving them a verbal cue to finish, and the players will sprint through the far hash.
For example, a scripted role player calls the program office, "This is a drill.
Mirror Drill (starting position depicted in Photo 1):
They plan to drill a 10- to 12-km-deep hole in the Oberpfalz region of northeast Bavaria for basic scientific research, at a cost of about $300 million.
1-4 show the three-line drills we use to teach the concepts leading to the Fast-Break Jumper Drill
The Energy Department plans to test new high-temperature equipment, including an insulated drill pipe designed to protect lubricating drilling fluids from damaging heat.
At 6,000 meters the drilling rate increased rapidly for a meter, as the drill cut through a soft region in the granite.
If we drill right on the ridge chest, says Detrick, "then we have the opportunity to study these processes in action and to answer a number of questions," such as how the composition of magma (molten rock) changes with time and position along the ridge and whether the eruption of magma is periodic.