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Four teeth exhibit decay near drilled holes, Macchiarelli's team says in the April 6 Nature.
The Red Lake Gas Unit #2-W well (2-W) was successfully drilled to a total depth of 5,514 feet and logs were run from total depth to the base of the surface casing.
That money supports scientific investigations at holes drilled in previous years, including the one at Cajon Pass.
During fiscal 2006, five wells were drilled on the company's 5,760 gross acre Glacier Prospect located in Harper and Woodward Counties, Oklahoma.
During the fourth quarter, RAM drilled or participated in the drilling of 18 gross (18.
The power of the technique was most aptly demonstrated at the second site of the cruise, site 649, where the scientific party drilled next to an 11-meter-high black smoker.
During the third quarter, in east Texas the Company drilled a horizontal lateral of approximately 2,100 feet in the Lower Bossier interval, which is approximately 900 feet below the Cotton Valley sands.
It is anticipated that three will be permitted and drilled before winter weather causes a hiatus, with the remaining wells drilled starting in the spring of 2007 after road conditions improve.
During the third quarter, Range's Appalachian division drilled 192 (124 net) wells in its shallow, low-risk coal bed methane, shale and tight sand properties.
Fuhrman - Mascho, Andrews County, Texas - The Company drilled 27 new development wells in the third quarter.
One prospect has been drilled and is currently being tested.
The second well will be drilled immediately after the first and the rig will then be released.