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This disposed semisubmersible energy driller unit had reportedly been cold stacked at a shipyard in Bahrain upon completion of a term drilling contract in India.
Operating machinery becomes more difficult for drillers and so does troubleshooting.
A Texas Supreme Court ruling has spared the state from having to issue billions of dollars in tax refunds to oil and gas drillers - a prospect that had threatened to shake up the next legislative session.
I want to reach the level of driller in the future," he said.
Existing backlogs have generally insulated offshore drillers from lower market activity and day rates so far.
Drillers are part of a team that works on off-shore facilities such as oil and gas rigs or drilling platforms.
The Master Driller Program recently made a big difference to one company going through a mine expansion.
During maintenance of the Sevan Driller rig, an arm of the remote operated vehicle (ROV) broke and lodged into the return line from the blow out preventer (BOP).
Students are also evaluated by an independent auditor, Canadian Driller Training, to ensure they meet training standards as set out by government and industry.
As of our last report, the (Development Driller III) was.
The Power Miners rely on their powerful Thunder Driller (pounds 19.
the most active driller in the Piceance Basin, plans to operate nine or 10 rigs there in 2009, down from 20 it originally expected.