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Edge smoothing indicates that drilling was performed on living individuals whose continued chewing caused further dental wear.
Grainger was introduced to diamond drilling through a geologist friend at Inco, after working for five years in construction labour in Canmore, Alta.
In December 2006, Wentworth Energy completed the successful drilling of the Red Lake Gas Unit #1-R (1-R).
Drilling proponents think of the deep holes as telescopes into the Earth, offering a unprecedented chance to see what lies inside the planet's crust.
By accelerating development drilling in core areas, Pioneer grew 2006 North American production by 12% from equivalent volumetric production payment adjusted 2005 levels.
C rock, the project will push drilling technology to its limit.
A 3-D seismic program is currently being conducted to identify additional drilling locations.
Geologists, as a rule, would neverexpect to find large quantities of methane under the Siljan Ring, and many have argued that drilling there would be futile.
In the Electra/Burkburnett area of North Texas, responsible for approximately 55 percent of third quarter total net production, the company continues a high level of development drilling and recompletion activity.
When scientists were outlining the scientific objectives of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) five years ago, they made drilling at mid-oceanic ridges their number one priority.
Based on production and drilling program results through the third quarter, the Company expects full-year 2006 production to range from 30.
Romanian exploration drilling program will start this fall