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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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Though drily wry and intelligently thoughtful himself, Ulrich also loves to indulge his good ol' boy side.
It is hardly surprising that an event of such magnitude has been interpreted differently by various historians," she drily comments and then gives us three long paragraphs on the said historians' interpretations.
It wasn't just the sheer incongruity of the situation - a knight of the realm on an irreverent BBC2 panel show - but the way our Tel managed an unruly band of whippersnapper comedians and musicians by raising an eyebrow and delivering some drily amusing putdowns.
Old Verve elements - such as the agonised vocals and ominous bass - are served up here, but drily reheated with the flavour and nutrition severely diminished.
Now available (Doubleday) David Rakoff, the drily droll gay essayist behind Fraud, returns with another hilarious exploration of our bizarre world,
Emma said: "He drily informed me that he hadn't, in fact, won - which left me feeling very clever, live, in front of millions of viewers.
Jones shows what seems like good sense, when he drily comments on the line "my name be buried where my body is" that "a poet who truly wishes to be forgotten will not address his beloved with a long series of poems" (130), or queries critics' emphasis on noble patronage, seeing that sonnets like 96 savage the "young man": "What noble patron would have accepted such a conceit addressed to him?
She says that once when she complimented Di on a pair of shoes she was wearing - Chanels with an insignia of interlocking C's - the princess drily told her: ``I think of them as Charles and Camilla.
They're hunted by the predators in a thriller that benefits from an above-average cast (also including Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne), drily witty lines and good twists.