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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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Keenan is a great character with some drily amusing lines and Parks puts in an excellent performance.
Comprising more than fifty works made between 1992 and the present, this exhibition will highlight the full range of Stark's nimble practice--elegant works on paper incorporating found text (from Emily Dickinson's to Robert Musil's), collages repurposing junk mail (including gallery postcards), and a PowerPoint piece (Structures That Fit My Opening and Other Parts Considered in Relation to Their Whole, 2006) that uses the drily corporate format to unexpectedly moving effect by addressing the everyday convolutions of raising a child and teaching while attending to the difficulties of making art in fleeting moments.
It's just that Orner's drily witty look at the foibles of contemporary gay culture and romance relied more on observational humor than on plot or character, leaving any potential adapters with their work cut out for them.
He rather drily notes, however, that this title soon disappeared and that by the second century it was no longer used (p.
Jones shows what seems like good sense, when he drily comments on the line "my name be buried where my body is" that "a poet who truly wishes to be forgotten will not address his beloved with a long series of poems" (130), or queries critics' emphasis on noble patronage, seeing that sonnets like 96 savage the "young man": "What noble patron would have accepted such a conceit addressed to him?
Though drily wry and intelligently thoughtful himself, Ulrich also loves to indulge his good ol' boy side.