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What and how much you drink depend on the intensity of your workout, your body weight, and your sweat rate.
Benzene, formed by a reaction of two common soft drink additives, sodium benzoate (a preservative) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), is considered a carcinogen and has been directly linked to leukemia and other cancers.
Remove the outlet valve covet and external drink tube.
At least in mice, downing the human equivalent of two to four alcoholic drinks per day dramatically spurs the growth of an existing cancer.
The review concludes, "Put simply, for the majority of those in a Western environment who control their drinking and its circumstances, up to one drink a day in women or one or two drinks a day in men appears to be associated with the greatest net health benefits and the lowest risk .
And, with support from many health professionals, CSPI has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to require labels on non-diet soft drinks to tell consumers why they should drink less.
Such messages--often transmitted via posters (such as the ones pictured, right), brochures, and Web sites--are called "social norms" campaigns, and they are designed to reduce peer pressure to drink.
schoolchildren drink at least one soda or other soft drink daily.
Among women overall, those who binged on alcohol before conceiving had a small but significant reduction in the odds of giving birth to an undersized infant relative to those who did not drink or who drank but did not binge (odds ratio, 0.
Bolsheviks and the Bottle: Drink and Worker Culture in St.