drink to excess

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The common drink of the Abyssins is beer and mead, which they drink to excess when they visit one another; nor can there be a greater offence against good manners than to let the guests go away sober: their liquor is always presented by a servant, who drinks first himself, and then gives the cup to the company, in the order of their quality.
But making practical suggestions that women take reasonable precautions (e.g., not to drink to excess, not to walk in strange dangerous neighborhoods at night, etc.) - the equivalent of not leaving a bicycle in a public area without any lock at all - is simply a suggestion that people should take reasonable and sensible precautions, nothing more, he says.
It is unlikely to change the habits of those who enjoy a few pints down the pub or even those who do drink to excess.
"It must be about what drives people to the point where the only escape is to drink to excess and to react against the society which has largely turned its back on them."
Sending him to prison at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Roger Thorn QC told him: "You can't drink to excess then drive a car dangerously at speeds of up to 120mph, engage in a pursuit with police, fail to stop and not expect to go to custody.
Travel Business Review-August 16, 2013--Young Brits drink to excess while on holiday, FCO(C)2013] ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
"But the fact remains that it is a significant public health problem that many people do drink to excess." Guenther said that members of the committee that drafted the current USDA guidelines on alcohol consumption wanted to know how many adults exceeded the limits.
He said Lewis' life changed when he started to drink to excess in his 50s and he lost everything.
NEWCASTLE: AHEAD of the New Year's Eve celebrations in Newcastle, health experts at NHS North East are encouraging people to not drink to excess.
More than half of girls aged 15 and 16 say they drink to excess at least once a month, and the shocking figure also means the UK is one of the few countries where the girls binge-drink more than boys.
SO everyone is wondering why our young people drink to excess.
Adults under 25 were the most likely to drink to excess, but only about one-third were asked about drinking by their doctors, the survey revealed.