drink to excess

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Men are more likely to drink to excess than women - 48 per cent compared with 28 per cent.
Neil Parkes, alcohol strategy development manager for Sandwell Primary Care Trust, said: "We want all Sandwell residents to have a very merry Christmas but would advise them not to drink to excess.
The US researchers say the results could be a warning to teenagers who drink to excess.
Ten years ago an expectant mother may have been expected to take heed of warnings not to drink to excess while pregnant.
But after reading about thugs that drink to excess causing all sorts of hassle for the crew and passengers, I would gladly give up my wee tipple so that drinking, like smoking, was banned, during flights.
When people drink to excess they are far more likely to be involved in an accident or assault, commit a criminal offence or make themselves sexually vulnerable.
What is new is the 'alco-pop' culture which systematically encourages young people to drink to excess and break the law and damage their health in various ways as a result.
Every A&E department knows only too well what can happen when people drink to excess.
The publicity campaign, called 'Know Your Limits', is aimed at raising awareness of alcohol-related issues when flying and also deterring the minority who drink to excess.
While I can appreciate the prospect of 24-hour drinking in a city, ever expanding with more and more students, is of concern to the police, entry charges will not deter those determined to drink to excess, anymore than excessive prices have prevented the so-called posh bars in the town having their fair share of bother.
Yobs drink to excess despite and not because of high drink prices.
It was the period of the year when people do drink to excess, and drive/ride, after all.