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This Marlborough wine is a refreshingly good example of value sauvignon blanc that delivers on Its promised richness and drinkability.
However, in 1989, the site flooded, compromising the drinkability of local water supplies.
When we put our name on the wine, whatever part of the world it may be, you know you will have elegance, drinkability, soft tannins, no matter what price level," Negrier added.
It offered much in drinkability, and was inoffensive, but I wanted more from one of my favourite grapes.
More than riding on the coattails of American's infatuation with whiskey, Irish is enlarging the demographic, bringing new consumers into the fold with its easy drinkability and mixability and now intriguing geeks with more nuanced and complex expressions of the Irish spirit.
There are lots of nice twists on classic ideas but never departing from the essential cocktail principles of balance, harmony and drinkability.
At the heart of this battle is a scrappy government-backed cooperative, conceived to ensure fresh water in an area where its drinkability is compromised.
It incorporates the proprietary yeast directly descended from the original Budweiser yeast strain used by Adolphus Busch in 1876 to retain the clean taste and drinkability of Budweiser.
Lee Evans, managing director of Condor Wines, who showed Huarpe Wines' elegant and partly oaked Lancatay Bonarda 2011 has big plans for the variety: "I make it my distinct ambition to raise the profile of Bonarda, it has a lot of potential: juicy fruit, smooth tannin and easy drinkability.
But what Whitetail lacks in boutique chic it makes up for with solid, smooth drinkability and a reasonable price tag.
All this bundled together -- the carbonation, the frothing on the top, the drinkability, the way the liquid cohesively agglomerates -- all of this is put into a final product for C* going up into the [International] Space Station, low earth orbit satellites, things like that that humans can go onto," Castillo told AFP.
With its early drinkability and astonishing depth, for me it's unbelievable.