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Plain water is better than nothing, but sports drinks are probably best," says Dr.
The ability to store soft drinks for long periods of time began in earnest in 1892, with the invention of the crown cap.
Epidemiologic studies have shown that people who regularly drink alcohol face an increased risk of certain cancers, notably breast malignancies.
The review concludes, "Put simply, for the majority of those in a Western environment who control their drinking and its circumstances, up to one drink a day in women or one or two drinks a day in men appears to be associated with the greatest net health benefits and the lowest risk .
And many communities, from New York City to New Jersey to Los Angeles, have ejected soft drinks from elementary schools, many middle schools, and some high schools.
And while the level of binge-drinking behavior has held steady at 44 percent nationwide for the past decade, schools such as the University of Puget Sound report that the percentage of students who perceive drinking five or more drinks in one sitting as "risky behavior" has climbed to 61.
The sheer dominance of Red Bull is driving a growing number of beverage enthusiasts to concoct drinks that deliver the same punch at a better price.
We have evidence that drinking sweetened soft drinks will lead to an increased risk of obesity.
The proportion was significantly higher among women who drank heavily before pregnancy than among women who did not drink during this period (12% vs.
After the revolution, newly hired workers no longer had to buy a round of drinks for their mates, and they no longer drank in honor of their bosses.
As a result, cooks need a surge of adrenaline during the main crunch of service, and in preparation, many fill-up on sugary, caffeine-laden drinks or multiple shots of espresso throughout the day.