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DRIP. The right of drip is an easement by which the water which falls on one house is allowed to fall upon the land of another.
     2. Unless the owner has acquired the right by grant or prescription, he has no right so to construct his house as to let the water drip over his neighbor's land. 1 Roll. Ab. 107. Vide Rain water; Stillicidium; and 3 Kent, Com. 436; Dig. 43, 23, 4 et 6; 11 Ad. & Ell. 40; S. C. 39 E. C. L. R. 21.

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Among 1,080 ever e-cigarette users, 26% of students reported ever using e-cigarettes for dripping, which involves "vaporizing the e-liquid at high temperatures by dripping a couple of drops of e-liquid directly onto an atomizer's coil and then immediately inhaling the vapor" (Pediatrics.
But dripping the liquid directly on the coils generates far higher temperatures than traditional vaping, leading to greater emissions of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acetone.
The Texas House of Representatives said "I do" to a proposal Wednesday by Republican Jason Isaac to designate Dripping Springs, located about 40 minutes west of Austin, as the state wedding capital.
A problem of root rot/wilt could be expected due to continuous dripping and excessive wetting in the nearby surrounding of the main trunk.
During engine start-up and shutdown, whether the engine is installed or out for ground hop operations, you may observe oil dripping from the drainage and weep holes on the engine's recuperator.
Water dripping off the edges of the roofing is drawn by capillary action to the exposed edges of the plywood sheathing.
Dripping, seeping, mixing, merging, and nourishing, Merian Soto's dynamic new La Maquina del Tiempo is a two-hour tapestry of dance and music.
Spread across the latter are roughly sixteen translucent white horizontal bands with rivulets of paint dripping below them.