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The Rocky Mountain Test Center is a unique and exceptional state-of-the-art facility allowing manufacturers to conduct high-altitude cold start and drivability testing, said Anthony Beck, Director of Operations, SGS.
And now Drivability UK, which operated from premises at The Triangle, has been listed as dissolved at Companies House - where all limited companies in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are registered.
The all-new Touareg integrates a host of radical technologies aimed at delivering an optimal balance of performance and exceptional drivability and is 41mm longer, 12 mm wider.
The all-new Life was developed with the concept of "daily smile technology" to achieve a level of drivability and utility customers can enjoy in their everyday lives.
Technical subjects to be addressed include sessions on: exhaust gas aftertreatment; electronics, specifically engine/drivetrain/vehicle as a system; simulation of combustion as well as drivability and virtual production; and development methodologies and products.
Honda is a significant contender in the fuel-cell race, and has made the most progress with cold starting and general drivability.
According to SRC, the vehicle's performance and drivability is "excellent," with no power loss when operating with hydrogen.
Our biggest achievement is to have shown a 28% reduction in fuel consumption whilst retaining the same drivability as the original car," says Richard Gordon, I-MoGen program chief engineer at Ricardo.
Potholes and crumbing road edges are presently addressed through spot repair, the center of the road frost heave is a seasonal variable that drastically affects the drivability of the road and cannot successfully be addressed by any patchwork or spot repair
Paddock-based Drivability UK, is alleged to have taken mobility scooters to sell on relatives' behalf but then when the shop closed without warning in March last year they were left out of pocket.
It has been reported that the new beast from M&M is powered by a 75bhp m2DiCR engine and reportedly offers great drivability and refined performance along with an impressive 14kmpl mileage (as per ARAI).