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As for raising fundings for this project, Mr Sammartino said that they were thankful for their followers on Twitter who contributed to make the drivable Lego car possible.
They believe adequate traffic signs and signals, well-maintained roads, and courteous drivers are the hallmarks of a drivable community.
The appointed service provider(s) must provide a service for the collection of damaged drivable vehicles from Renfrewshire Council, 52 Underwood Road, Paisley; the repair of the said vehicles; and their delivery back to 52 Underwood Road, Paisley.
Even Toyota's young Australian designers have cultivated the wherewithal to quickly develop a drivable futuristic sports coupe from scratch on their own.
The car is fully drivable - yet there is no engine to salivate over, no instrument panel, no steering wheel and no foot pedals to operate.
The green is easily reachable in regulation by two medium- or short-iron shots, and it is drivable by most long hitters.
According to a new research study conducted by GfK Roper for The Hartford, drivers say that improving the condition of existing roads, such as fixing potholes or repaving streets, is the most effective way to make their communities more drivable - more than building new roads or adding lanes.
The Best way to determine this, it Reasoned, was to Build a Drivable Technology Demonstrator.
Public Works and Caltrans workers filled in the sunken areas of the road with new asphalt Thursday to make it even and drivable again, Guyovich said.
Trade-in vehicles must have been made less than 25 years before the date they are traded in, get 18 miles per gallon or less, and be in drivable condition.
It's a service residents have paid through taxes and something they deserve that would make the city livable, not to mention drivable.
200 m Extension of the existing finger pier (LP4 / 5) in steel construction with drivable concrete superstructure and equipment of the berths with bollards, fenderings, dolphins, ladders as well as wet dredge work