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Carsmetics focuses on repairing body damage on vehicles that are still drivable after an accident or a damaging incident.
One particular section of Pail Factory Road is barely drivable even using the lowest gear, he said.
They had distilled the tagline "American Luxury"--Lincoln's descriptor at the time--and turned it into a drivable reality.
Road crews de-iced the northbound lanes in the morning and made the southbound lanes drivable within an hour after the closure was ordered, Pam Frank, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation, said in a statement early Sunday afternoon.
Just as in Grand Theft Auto, all the vehicles are drivable, from Jeeps, tanks, APCs, helicopters and even a mobile scud missile launcher.
But much as I'd like to tell you that I risked life and limb skilfully and bravely handling it at more than three times the motorway speed limit, the truth is that it's a concept car barely drivable at this early stage of its life.
Suddenly, Romania seemed drivable, so I just thought I would take food and medical supplies.
It has incorporated a lot of Formula One technology into a drivable car.
08 or above blood alcohol content) is entering a new phase in which it will move out of the laboratory and onto the road with a drivable test vehicle expected to be ready in two years.
So if you add futuristic, drivable vehicles to run down your enemies to the mix you know you're in for a great gaming experience and that's before you add a kinetic gun to the bonnet.
BARRE - Sheldon Road must be made drivable otherwise mail delivery along a section of that street will stop, the local postmaster has told selectmen in a letter.