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NCQ on a disc drive uses a similar approach to stage and move data commands with high efficiency.
The reality is that the type of external interface used by the drive does not change its ability to write or read data to tape.
We need a 4,000-hp shredder drive and are very price conscious.
Therefore, we can conclude that the industry's intense cost pressures, drive toward common component sets and architectures, and need to produce as many variations from these common pieces puts the path followed by Honda/Acura, VW/Audi and Ford in the driver's seat, right?
One separate drive per roll is connected to a power unit that creates torque speed/control.
DeMarco MAX VAC Corp, 1412 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry, IL, 60050 tel: 815/344-2222
These Seagate CE drives are also compatible with ATA/7 standard firmware, providing flexibility to CE OEMs who want to optimize the drive for their application.
While backups are traditionally the mainstay of recapturing and restoring lost data, they are not foolproof for restoring failed drives; the last day's data is generally missing and the damaged portions of the drive that are faithfully being backed up are of no value when restored.
Because of the increased survival rate for individuals with severe TBI, estimated to be four-fold between 1968 and 1988 (Hickey, 1993; McMahon & Growick, 1988), it is logical to assume that more individuals with some degree of cognitive impairment are both currently operating motor vehicles (Hopewell, 1988) and being assessed in various rehabilitation facilities for their capacity to drive safely.
But if the motor is part of an adjustable-speed drive and run at half speed, air flow will be reduced, causing the motor to overheat.
Ever-increasing demand for data storage is causing drive manufacturers to re-evaluate the way storage is architected.