drive away

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It is a ridiculous suggestion that we simply drive away from our homes.
Other programs that benefit from the Drive Away Hunger event include BackPacks, Kids Cafe, and the Community Kitchen Summer Feeding Program.
Ciaran Gilmore from Renault UK said: "The Van Extra special editions are a fantastic opportunity for business users to not only drive away in a new Renault van but also not worry about breakdowns or running costs.
Woosnam, the former US Masters champion who will skipper Europe against the Americans at the K Club in September, has confirmed Drive Away will be part of his kit in 2006.
At the heart of the design is a series of precisely machined waisted connector pins designed to break at a load sufficient to avoid accidental failure during normal handling of a hose, but low enough to prevent damage in a drive away situation.
MORNING AFTER THE MIDNIGHT HAND-OFF of footy greeted by a post-dawn meeting of the minds in a clandestine bunker by a classic car storage facility for the purpose of determining which van would drive away with the coveted statue of a van?
The Lake District attracts visitors from all over the world yet its right on our doorstep and only a two-hour drive away from Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.
After the car has been repaired, customers can drop off the Enterprise rental at the shop, pay the deductible if any, and drive away in their own car.
As reported by the Nashville Tennessean for December 18th, the seriously wounded Buchanan fled, and Gresham "saw him drive away when he went outside in the parking lot.
Shortly after, Officer Rousselle spotted the suspect in his vehicle, stopped the vehicle, and attempted to question the man; however, the suspect insisted that he was going home and proceeded to drive away.
And 50 seconds was all it took to drive away the Audi A4 Avant.
Furthermore, THE HOLLYWOOD is a short drive away from many of the major film and television studios, and has a unique advantage with the Metro station around the corner to escape the all too congested Los Angeles traffic grid.