drive back

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Next was Orlando for the tradeshow crap and nearer to the inevitable drive back to San Diego.
He was forced to drive back to the pub on Glasnevin Avenue where he and other staff who were cleaning the pub were locked in a storeroom.
Flashkaps[R] emphasizes content as an option via the cap, eliminating the need to insert the flash drive back into your desk or laptop computer.
The hand ventured west, then east, and then concluded the tour with a quaint 30-hour drive back to Regina.
I actually told him that if he changed his mind, he could drive back up here and fight for his place.
But his spotty Portuguese suggested he was not Brazilian and police took him for an hourlong drive back to the station in Rio.
Then he told her to drive back to the park, where waiting deputies heard her screaming for help as the car pulled into the drive.
Stacey Wilson drove all the way from Lancaster - only to make a U-turn and drive back home.
Mediocre customer service is expected to drive back clients, especially in the technical advice and spare parts sectors.
It's not one you're going to drive back and forth to work every day,'' Messmer said.
Pioneer was the first to offer a DVD-Recordable drive back in 1998.
Chris Gomez followed with a line drive back at Ortiz, who was able to deflect the ball toward Kennedy at second base.