drive back

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with still a 30-minute drive back to the base camp.
London Society referees Peter Kelly and Paul Knowles must have had plenty to discuss on their drive back to the capital last Saturday.
Alan was right to drive back to Dublin, even though he must have been in terrible pain.
They'll drive back, probably late at night, and for the first time in several years O'Leary knows he won't be disturbed by the Frenchman on his mobile phone.
On the drive back to New York City, I shared my concerns with a fellow passenger who knows my grandma.
Now, our workers must drive 25 miles to pick up a truck, drive back to town and do a route, return the truck to the remote site, and then drive back home.
The family, who have not been named, had been visiting Holy Island, off the coast of Northumberland, when they decided to attempt the mile-long drive back to the mainland.
He has helped drive back the threat of multinational mining on the Yellowstone through his river writings in National Geographic, The New York Times, and a previous book--Kayaking the Full Moon.
A woman of great energy and good cheer, Dunning reflects on the painful scene in Crenshaw on the drive back to her office in Marks.
I drive back to the cottage the newspaper has put me up in and sit down at a laptop computer.
The kicking, fighting burros (the male "jacks" are particularly dangerous) have to be lassoed, corraled, and loaded into the trailer, ready for the long drive back to the Chontos' 20-acre sanctuary, which is now home to 40 burros.