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Driveability is evaluated by experienced test drivers who observe the vehicle's dynamic response by providing various inputs such as throttle pedal tip-in/tip out, gear shifting and engine idling etc.
0 TDV6 S really comes into its own on a long run, when its driveability and refinement come to the fore
This quote, from more than 80 years ago, represents the interplay between vehicle technology and fuel quality needed to ensure good driveability.
The engine, available for Ford Fiesta and slated as a power offering for the 2015 Focus as well, fought off competition from premium brands and supercar contenders to win the award for tis driveability, performance, economy, refinement and technology, said a statement.
Experts at A/C and competent in cooling, driveability, brakes and electrical.
Renault know there is more to come once they sort out driveability issues.
Subaru say they have further honed the driveability of the STI, testing it at various locations around the world, including at Germany's Nurburgring race circuit.
Driveability and performance will be boosted through the use of a belt starter generator that can provide torque assist where needed.
2 L VariCOR engine, turbocharged with VTT (variable turbine technology), delivers 140 PS power and 320 NM torque, providing easy driveability," the company said in a statement.
The vehicles epitomise the very best in craftsmanship, engineering, driveability and exclusivity.
Despite having only been on sale in the UK for a few months, the Dacia Duster has already amassed awards and plaudits from motorists who love the newcomer for its quality, practicality and driveability.
Road presence is almost as important as driveability in this sector, so the standard estate model's looks are enhanced by durable protective strips at the base of the doors, bumpers and round the wheel arches which are filled with 18-inch alloys.