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ly, has collected over 500,000,000 miles and rewarded more than 250,000 drivers," said Igor Katsman, Founder of Driveway.
Considering I live close to Anfield, the driveway is in high demand during the football season.
The mixer is also used by Hi-Spec's sister company, Spectacular Driveways UK, which installs patterned and coloured concrete driveways for homeowners and businesses.
I am wondering if it makes sense to have my old driveway sealed by professionals.
If your driveway is long, it should be cambered (higher in the centre than the edges) just like a road.
On Amazon, the book's description proclaims that it is a guide “for consumers who want to understand the complexities of automatic driveway gate design and installation without wading through the technical mumbo jumbo… Our hope is that you'll take what you learn in these pages and use it to work in seamless partnership with a quality driveway gate installation company.
Due to this the family could not finish their driveway which lay unfinished, full of potholes and rubble.
They are then locked together with fine, dry sand being brushed in between them to lock the whole driveway together.
said they had installed the driveway for the use of emergency vehicles because their existing driveway was difficult to navigate.
I was driving my car, my small car, up his driveway, I didn't realise how low his garage roof was and when I tried to park it, he was waving me in.
Mr Healey, of Hawkmoor Gardens, has accused refuse and recycle truck drivers of cracking the concrete, making holes in the Tarmac, damaging a fence and causing the driveway to subside.
What I built was a simple chain barrier with a sign hanging from it that says, "Private Driveway.