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3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Concrete Promotion Council (PCPC) offers the following tips for maintenance of your concrete driveway through winter and proper installation of new driveways in the spring.
The ordinance fines are similar to existing city laws that do not allow residents to fix vehicles in their driveways or store inoperative vehicles outside, Hogan said.
They firmly believe that well designed paths, patios and driveways make an impression that say a lot about your home and your lifestyle as well as adding to the monetary value of your property.
Paved driveways are one of Homesmart's key, initial areas of concentration and, for both the new firm and its driveways, establishing a sound foundation is all.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- While snow isn't on most of our minds this time of year, now is the time for homeowners to get their concrete driveways and walks ready for winter.
CREATIVE Engineer Philip Thomas with his turntable for driveways.
For residents who forgo their garages and driveways in favor of long-term parking on the streets - beware.
Out of 10,000 driveways available at 6,500 locations, Huddersfield was found to be the 26th most lucrative spot for driveway rentals.
The Company's fleet includes more than 650 vehicles that deliver quality concrete for everything from residential driveways to walls in homes built with Insulating Concrete Forms technology (ICF) to high profile commercial projects.
a landscape and design business in Marlboro, sees the popularity of heated driveways as part of a larger trend: Homeowners are trying to build outdoor spaces they can use year-round.
Spectaculr Driveways UK now has hundreds of customers on the books and has completed projects for clients including Brockholes-based housebuilder Conroy Brook and schemes such as the paving and driveways at the Bradford headquarters of Yorkshire Building Society.
Lake Driveway is also intersected by 27 public roads, 9 recreational trails, 4 parking areas and 117 private driveways and is identified for cycling facilities within the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan .