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Council member Judith Brodhead said its common for suburbs to limit the parking of trailers and recreational vehicles in residential driveways and Mayor Steve Chirico said he sees the value of such regulations.
Those of us who are fortunate enough to have homesteads with any appreciable amount of acreage can agree; long dirt driveways can be challenging.
AFTER recently celebrating their 20th anniversary, Spectacular Driveways are looking forward to what Autumn will bring.
Concrete curb, 200 SF - grading for sidewalk, 60 SY - grading for driveways, 100~ - grading for curb.
Workers will temporarily close lanes on Willamette Street between 24th and 29th avenues in Eugene on Monday and Tuesday as they improve accessibility to driveways along the roadway.
CASH-SAVVY residents in Coventry have raked in more than PS20,000 by renting out their driveways to high street shoppers.
Manufacturers also make different formulas for different driveway conditions: one formula for newer driveways in good condition and another formula for older driveways that haven't been well maintained.
As posh as it sounds, a whole lot of people are looking into heated driveways after an unusually harsh winter in much of the country.
IF there's one aspect of building work that always seems to be linked to cowboys, it has to be driveways.
COMMUNITIES minister Eric Pickles has said his department will bring forward legislation that will allow people to charge motorists for parking on their driveways without seeking planning permission.
Neither of the Hanley's driveways meet the county's criteria for sightline distance.
In the past, car owners who pa rked thei r ca r on thei r driveways were offered cheaper premiums than those who parked up outside their homes.