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"We used those simulations to vary the size of the battery pack and the weight of the vehicle, and drove it over the precursor to the driving cycle the EPA uses to this day," says Gelb.
Driving above raging blue tides and beneath radiant azure skies, his exhilaration heightens as he heads toward what becomes the San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway/Route 1--two smooth lanes that wrap around steep, rugged cliffs and snake along grassy pastures.
As the Hagglunds concept is a drive concept and not a process concept, driving mode examples have to be tested out and implemented to fit to each machine and process individually.
The problem of driving under the influence (DUI) is well known throughout society, yet, even with all of the strategies used to remove these drivers from U.S.
Traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers on cell phones have become so common that local and state governments have begun passing laws banning the use of handheld telephones while driving.
Driving at those directions will cause them to lose their half-nelson advantage.
All of them make driving easier, and use less of your energy when weakness, numbness or fatigue are factors to consider.
However different obstacles to safe driving arise for individuals whose disabilities cause seizures or affect their cognitive functions (e.g., slowed thinking, poor judgement, lack of insight, impulsivity, outbursts of anger, inability to sustain concentration, difficulty with divided attention, and inability to self-monitor) (Michon, 1979).
Assessing aptitude for driving an automobile can be a difficult process, especially when the potential driver has a combination of physical, perceptual, cognitive, and even emotional deficits.
Tune and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore administered a questionnaire on driving habits to 72 patients consecutively referred to their Dementia Research Clinic.
As demand grows for disc drives in the consumer electronics industry, an equally robust demand is driving major changes on disc drive products in the enterprise server market.