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Simplicity--the motor is mounted directly onto the driving machine shaft without any need for foundation and/or alignments.
The complexity of issues involved with driving after brain injury has led to the development of two theoretical frameworks related to driving.
Combining the knowledge of the types of age-related losses with Drive Square simulation technology may help many older adults to continue driving longer, while reducing their crash risk.
AAA answers these questions in its new book, "Driving Survival, How to Stay Safe on the Road," by Jim MacPherson, a licensed master driving instructor and automotive writer.
New applications for notebook computers, both at the office and home, are driving industry-wide adoption of these portable systems as a replacement to desktop computers.
Sixty-six percent of a sample survey of more than 800 drivers said that driving in San Antonio had become somewhat or much more aggressive in the past 12 months and an equal percentage had encountered 1-5 incidents of aggressive driving in the week prior to the survey.
But over time, the beauty of SAS is maintaining that SCSI investment and so not having to reinvest validation time in drivers and operating systems and application compatibility is really one of the key factors driving the SAS adoption cycle and why we're so bullish on the deployment of SAS.
The growing popularity of this open-source operating system is also driving the demand for productivity, office, and financial packages, as well as image manipulation and audio applications.
teens responsible driving, arms them with the latest