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Predicted driving pressure and maximum velocity in the capillary die for various rheological models.
The driving pressure of the natural ventilation system is on the order of 0.
Initially we thought the ash and smoke were triggered by rain but now we know the driving pressure was from magma," Surono, the head of the nation's volcano disaster alert centre, told the AFP news agency.
The driving pressure for coronary blood flow is the aortic root pressure minus the intraventricular pressure for the respective ventricle.
During the MEK run, operators had maintained approximately 55 PSIG driving pressure and 30 PSIG backpressure on the pig.
Keywords: bubble formation, micro-hole, driving pressure difference, detached bubble volume
where R and L are the die radius and die length, [DELTA]P is the driving pressure, and q is the volumetric flow rate.
Driving pressure from society demands that companies account for their behaviour and reconsider their role in different ways.