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One milliliter of whole blood was passed through FMSA devices of the same gap widths and under the same driving pressure conditions investigated for capture efficiency.
The pulmonary driving pressure is the mean pulmonary artery pressure (mPAP) minus the LAP.
h] diameter of micro-hole [sigma] (m) dP driving pressure difference (Pa) [d.
The influence of capillary pressure assumes a relatively greater contribution as a result of the low epidural venous driving pressures.
We saw that since airway resistance (Raw) is the opposition or "resistance" to flow in the human airways as the result of the forces of molecular friction, it is defined as the ratio of driving pressure or force to the rate of air flow.
The jet ventilators were set at a rate of 60 breaths per minute with a driving pressure of 100 kPa and an inspiratory time of 30% of the respiratory cycle.
BOSTON -- Enterprises ranked environmental regulations and industry standards as the strongest driving pressure behind their decisions to address product compliance requirements early in the product development lifecycle, says a new Aberdeen Report.
BOSTON -- Enterprises ranked protecting the company brand as the strongest driving pressure behind their decisions in managing marketing, says an AberdeenGroup report.
Driving pressure and flow to the nebulizer during inspiration varied from one ventilator brand to the other and was responsible for significantly altering nebulizer performance and treatment duration.
Recalling our physics and fundamental pulmonary physiology training, we are all familiar with the relationships between flow and driving pressure versus the resistive characteristics of the conduit through which we are attempting to maintain fluid flow.
Tidal volumes are dependant on and proportional to, the driving pressure and the inspiratory/expiratory ratio.