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The case would be the first known aircraft accident to be caused by a drone, though the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has long expressed concern about the possibility of such interference from consumer devices.
2018 will see significantly increased adoption of drones into mainstream business workflows as the tipping point for commercial drone use has arrived.
Now both groups must comply along with all other drone owners.
The post Dubai security show takes off with new drone zone appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Verisk: What are some of the common risk scenarios that you see with commercial drone use?
Anytime a drone can be used to go into a dangerous situation it improves the safety of our law enforcement and civilians, and a drone can capture a bird's eye view of crime scenes, accidents, disasters and searches more rapidly, in more minute detail, and in a less costly and less dangerous way than using only humans can.
While New York is at the forefront of making drone technology an integral part of its economic development and technological innovation, the interest in drones is up across the board.
Likewise scores of drone attacks were conducted in the year 2012 killing hundreds of People.
At the event, one operator said that in the photography business, anything that used to be shot from a plane or a hired helicopter can now be filmed from a drone, leading to great cost savings.
The marketplace for drone liability coverage can pretty much be segmented into revenue-generating drone users and revenue-supporting drone users.
The draft Drone Bill, which will be published next spring, will give officers the right to order operators to ground drones where necessary.
Needless to say, what could happen if a drone falls into the hands of prisoners that hold a security risk," he said, adding that in February, a drone carrying weapons and materials suspected as drugs infiltrated a prison in the center of Israel.