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We were spending millions of dollars housing overflow employees or when we were getting ready for a big drilling season push, we were spending a great deal of funds housing people elsewhere," Droop says.
On day seven they still looked classy, only one of the blooms had started to droop.
Droop is the difference between the reference voltage of device and voltage of the bus to which device is connected.
While this works for many materials, it is less effective on low-viscosity polymers such as PET, where the sheet tends to droop on the lower roll before nipping.
Researchers from California and Japan have created a new design for green and blue LEDs that address efficiency droop, a dramatic drop in efficiency at high currents.
With heaps of crusty bread To mop up the tasty soup Then I have to unbuckle my belt And let my full belly droop.
The heft, the droop, everything about her new breast matches the untouched breast, she says, and under clothes you can't tell the two apart.
In his 1985 bueressante Kunst aus Westdeutschland (Interesting Art from West Germany), four bricks cemented together end-to-end droop awkwardly from a canvas covered in a beige wash, the earthy brown calling to mind Beuys while the protrusion visually puns on the cliched machismo of much German art exported abroad.
You'll have a tailwind until you're over the deck, and you'll probably droop a little when you kick the nose around.
The Droop + Rein TFM series of portal machining centers otters 5-sided machining including 5-axis contouring, short tool exchange times, and a combination of turning and milling applications.
My house would get wet and mold started to grow, and the doorframes would droop," she says.