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It measures the rate of blinking - an indicator of drowsiness - and examines features such as the droopiness of the mouth to check for yawning.
However, it caused a lot of side effects, like problems with drowsiness, droopiness, and relaxation of areas we would rather not have seen, like eyelids and the few muscles with normal tone.
There were many who condemned him for his behaviour, who shunned him when his marriage broke down, who thought little of his poetry, but no one ever accused him of droopiness.
F (face): uneven smile, facial droopiness, numbness, vision disturbance
If an animal does get sick, one should note all the symptoms that are not normal such as temperature, droopiness, or weakness.
If the patient wishes to be referred for an ophthalmologist assessment, it would be helpful if they could bring a pre-operative photograph of themselves to help rule out previous eyelid droopiness.