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Using electroencephalography (EEG), the same technology doctors use to detect seizures and measure brain activity, Neurowear has created a pair of plush catlike ears that are supposed to respond to the wearer's mood drooping when you are lost in thought and perking up when you are concentrating.
Cardiff Coroners' Court heard passing driver Jonathan Sharpe stopped to help and saw one side of Ms Hawkins' face was drooping.
A plea from underground, from drooping shade, From memories of sunlight
The device injects a 33mm titanium staple into the drooping pile alleviating potential discomfort.
Employees at The Keene Sentinel will take unpaid furloughs and their top managers will take pay cuts as the paper works to weather the drooping economy.
numbness, weakness or paralysis on one side of the body (signs of this may be a drooping arm, leg or lower eyelid, or a dribbling mouth)
Strength training of the pectoralis muscles (the muscles under your breast) may provide additional support to help prevent drooping and will burn more calories.
Gary Gabriel, an investment sales broker for commercial property for Cushman & Wakefield in New Jersey, said that the threat to consumer spending from the current drooping real estate market is ratcheted up significantly by the prospect of the Fed having to use interest rate hikes to curb inflation.
F for Face: Weakness or a drooping, crooked smile; sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes