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The haughty droop of the eyes was focussed now upon the Assistant Commissioner.
We worked with Winchester, and at 35 percent design we posted the drawings and started soliciting employee feedback," Droops says.
In addition, Renesas has developed a system to predict and suppress the momentary voltage droops caused by hardware faults, and to prevent these faults from occurring.
ALL alone I dawdle by the lapping sea As drizzle-dusk thickens the liquid day And silent night droops over the high crags Smoothing-soothing their harsh outlines.
Once the skin droops again, people have a lower body image, and will want to fix it like last time.
Logically, I know when Nr droops, the technique to regain it is to reduce the collective, thus reducing the load on the rotors.
The extension droops into a bulbous mass hovering just above the floor.
When a saintpaulia (African violet) droops, leaves break off, and the plant struggles to survive, there are two probable reasons ( one bad, the other worse.