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Your wounds are so far mortal that, without the three drops I gave you, you would now be dead.
God is in the midst, and each drop tries to expand so as to reflect Him to the greatest extent.
Just then the drop of oil fell, and the boy caught it in his bottle and immediately corked it tight.
But this time he was barely quarter around when the doubled quirt on his nose compelled him to drop his fore feet to the road.
Huru-Huru, watching on the beach, saw a third schooner that he knew heave to outside the entrance and drop a boat.
I have heard my grandmother (Lady Malkinshaw) say that, 'a drop in time saves nine.
Let me sing, and perhaps you'll drop off; then the day will seem shorter," said Rose, taking up a fan and sitting down beside him.
The moment you hear the call, follow the man, and drop him before he gets out of the church-yard.
She tried to fling herself below the wheels of the first carriage as it reached her; but the red bag which she tried to drop out of her hand delayed her, and she was too late; she missed the moment.
Fairlie, after first relieving himself by a gentle sigh, let the book drop open with one hand, and held up the tiny brush with the other, as a sign to the servant to wait for further orders.
But you had a mind to do it, if I had submitted,' growled Jeremiah, 'and that's why you drop down upon me.
You haven't told me when he threatens to drop down upon me.