drop by drop

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Created drop by drop using air pressure less than half that found at the summit of Everest and a temperature colder than the South Pole, they retain the finest one per cent of each distillation which would otherwise evaporate into the atmosphere - known as the angels' share.
2 Begin to pour in the oil in a very thin stream, or drop by drop if you want to make extra sure that it won't split.
The senators are betting that, as water wears down rocks, the flow of evidence, drop by drop, will erode the foundations of the VP's credibilityand that they have enough time.
2,029 hectares of land were irrigated; 84% were irrigated by sprinkling and 16% drop by drop.
Drop by drop, skin is re-plumped, refined and re-illuminated to give it a youthful, fresher appearance, making it one of Lancome's hero products.
Since Indian food preparations use high amounts of oil while cooking, the innovative Tandoor helps save 70% on oil consumption by extracting oil drop by drop from the food without compromising on the taste of the recipe.
The kits are used to carry out tests by taking a measured volume of a water sample and adding a reagent drop by drop until a colour change takes place.
Slowly add phase C to phase A+B, drop by drop (with a pipette) while mixing at 700 rpm.
When the contents of both bowls are the same temperature (use a thermometer to check) add the rose water into the oil and beeswax mixture drop by drop.
Beat in the oil, drop by drop, whisking constantly until the mixture is thick and smooth, and all the oil has been absorbed.
DROP BY DROP, Video, 2009, Coastal Training Technologies.
To get rid of them, rub them with a simple paste of one tablespoon each of cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda to which you add lemon juice drop by drop until a paste is formed.