drop off

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Tinega said, 'Streets like Tom Mboya and parts of Moi Avenue have been highlighted to have illegal drop off and pick up points.
DeSoto County Local Government Curbside & Drop Off
He said: "I drop off at airports all over the country and most charge for drop-off, so I've been expecting this.
They used CCTV to identify my car after I had pulled into a cul-de-sac to drop off two colleagues.
"As a wheelchair access taxi I am forced to use the [pounds sterling]1 drop off zone because the free drop off is too far away and unstable for wheelchair users with luggage," Scott Caine wrote on our page.
It is with some dismay and worry that I am writing to you today concerning the illegal parking and total apathy of the security guards controlling the parking at the drop off bays at the airport.
/ Import up and drop off / - operates on one shift on weekdays,
The bin will now be kept locked and the church is asking for people to drop off their electronics in front of the bin.
The move will provide sufficient time to pick up and drop off their children.
A N MSP h a s a c c u s e d airport bosses of a "crass cash grab" after they started charging drivers to drop off relatives at the terminal.
INCREASING numbers of airports are cashing in on motorists by charging them to drop off passengers.