drop out

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Ingano said that by using the annual drop-out rate, which most people talk about when they consider drop outs, the figure is between 2 and 2.
Now we have the Tireds (Thirty Something Radical Educated Drop Outs.
Mr McLetchie said: "There are more drop outs in the Executive than there were at Woodstock.
For the skier, this means none of those flat spots or drop outs that are common at most ski resorts.
Fifty-one percent of GeorgiaAAs 53,000 offenders are high school drop outs with nine thousand offenders reading below the 5th grade level.
The citizens have demanded provision of basic facilities to these girls schools as depriving the school going girls of their rights is sheer injustice and is tantamount to escalate the graph of drop outs from these schools.
He is a role model for the youth and teenagers and an ambassador for social ills such as HIV/AIDS, STDs, Violence, Teenage Pregnancy, Teen Drop Outs, Obesity, Autism, Drugs and Dyslexia.