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Droplet Computing is redefining application delivery with its patent-pending application container technology, enabling applications to be delivered on any device.
The finding should improve understanding of clouds and precipitation formation, as clouds with more vigorous turbulence could have a much stronger clustering signal, which in turn may influence the rate of the droplets' collision in forming drizzle drops.
In fact, once light makes its way into a droplet, Nagelberg found that it can take different paths, bouncing two, three, or more times before exiting at another angle.
Figure 3 shows the contact angle and surface of the jatropha curcas oil droplet during the cooling process.
For stationary cases, droplet removal was only through gravity, while vibrations of 90 Hz and [+ or -] 1.1 mm (.043 in) amplitude were applied to films in the vibrating cases.
If a voltage V is applied between the conductive droplet and the electrode, the macroscopic contact angle will shrink.
If the contact layer, that is, the second electrode of the capacitor, is structured and the droplet is only partially "covering" this electrode, upon application of a voltage there will be an inhomogeneous electric field between the electrode and the droplet and across the dielectric layer.
To study the influence of substrate roughness on the evaporation of the PTFE droplet, we characterized the surface morphology and roughness of the substrate.
The bimodal droplet spray needs two different nozzle types with different air and water settings for achieving various MVDs (a single-medium nozzle needs only a water pressure set point).
where [We.sub.g] is the gas Weber number, [We.sub.g] = [[[[rho].sub.g][U.sup.2.sub.r][R.sub.e]]/[[sigma]]], [We.sub.l] is the liquid Weber number, [We.sub.l] = [[[[rho].sub.l][U.sup.2.sub.r][R.sub.e]]/[[sigma]]], Oh is the Ohnesorge number, [??], [T.sub.a] is the Taylor number, [??], [Re.sub.l] is the Reynolds number of liquid, [Re.sub.l] = [[[[rho].sub.i][U.sub.r][R.sub.e]]/[[sigma].sub.l]]], [U.sub.r] is the relative velocity between the liquid and gas, [R.sub.e] is the equivalent radius of droplets, [??], [[rho].sub.e] is the equivalent density of droplet, [[rho].sub.e] = (1 - [phi]) [[rho].sub.l] + [phi][[rho].sub.g], and [phi] is the void ratio of droplets, [??].
A discovery made in the lab of Chuan-Hua Chen, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University follows from an observation that when two water droplets merge together on a water-repellent (superhydrophobic) surface, the merged droplet spontaneously jumps perpendicular to that surface.