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The district's latest dropout study shows that in 2004-2005 San Diego City Schools enrolled 11.
Because the schools serve students who have already dropped out of traditional schools, they often get hit hard by the dropout measurement as well.
The most recent results are the first time the state dropout rate fell below 3 percent in the past decade, according to the state.
Most states and districts use their own formulas to calculate the numbers, so comparing dropout rates is impossible, but most agree it's a crisis.
The family circumstances of the dropout population differed in several ways from the circumstances of students who were still in school.
Dropout rates generally remain higher in rural areas and in small towns than in urban areas, especially in Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta.
Event dropout rates indicate the percentage of students who dropped out of school over a relatively short period of time.
Most LDO regulators use an N- or P-channel FET pass element and can offer a dropout voltage of 100 mV or less.
A dropout rate in the low single digits is worse than it appears.
Readers of the Los Angeles Times were recently shocked by published findings of the Harvard University Civil Rights Project concerning California school dropout rates.
72 days); dropout rates were 6% and 15%, respectively.