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ANCHOR. A measure containing ten gallons. Lex, Mereatoria.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This was pointed out yesterday by Rear Admiral Karl Thomas, commander of Task Force 70 of theUSS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group when he faced the media aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier that dropped anchor in Manila for a brief port visit.
The Viking Sun, which has a capacity of almost 1,000 passengers, dropped anchor at Holyhead Port yesterday morning to give its guests a taste of the region.
And now, this Chinese hopper dredger, the 2,990-ton MV Emerald, has dropped anchor 500 meters from the 30-hectare mangrove reserve of Lagadlarin village in Lobo.
The 33-year-old dropped anchor and found the boundary just four times as he crawled through to his 32nd Test half century.
Summary: The 33-year-old dropped anchor and found the boundary just four times
The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force's Escort Flotilla Four dropped anchor at the Alava Wharf in Subic Bay for five-day goodwill visit in the country.
CADETS and wounded warriors dropped anchor in Edinburgh on a specially adapted tall ship yesterday to honour the fallen of World War I.
Two of the ship's seven engines had to be shut off and they dropped anchor to investigate the cause.
Due to its size, the ship is unable to enter the port itself, and dropped anchor 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from harbor.
Unable to restart the engine, the skipper dropped anchor before the cruiser ran aground on nearby rocks.
The couple had been unaccounted for on the Costa Fascinosa cruise ship, which had dropped anchor in Tunis at the time of the attack with more than 3,100 passengers on board.
Suarez Melendez pointed out that on April 9, five cruise ships dropped anchor in the port of San Juan.