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Las Vegas Optic - Scaled back in March to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, dropping Tuesday and Thursday editions.
some students may have been far enough along in the dropping out process to prefer working to schooling; or
In addition, school counselors can develop responsive programs that target students who exhibit dropping out behaviors such as excessive or prolonged absenteeism, withdrawing from or transferring in and out of the school, lack of involvement in school activities and academic programs, and poor academic performance (Bearden, Spencer, & Moracco, 1989; Davalos, Chavez, & Guardiola, 1999; Fine, 1991).
Whenever the #2 receiver is split, the curl-to-flat player (Rover or Will) will disrupt the route by dropping across his path, forcing the receiver to adjust his release.
You are giving them non-traditional coverage reads, pressuring within off-the-line defenders while possibly dropping defensive linemen into the hot throwing lanes.