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Chickens that have bathed in sand that may have been mixed with wood ash may develop dark droppings caused by ingesting the ash.
Inspectors said "extensive droppings" could be seen on the floor, while more droppings were found inside a cardboard box containing packaged flapjacks.
There were droppings in several other areas including a worktop, underneath the microwave and the hot food area.
The soil cover of the experimental plot with bird droppings is also represented by dark chestnut soils of medium thickness.
He said another common disease resulting from pigeon droppings is histoplasmosis, a respiratory illness caused by the bacteria feeding on dried bird droppings.
They play a massive part in the ecosystem of the city through their droppings - they disperse seeds, also their droppings help the enrichment of the soil, so we get fertiliser," the BBC quoted her as saying.
Droppings were found in the area where flour bins were stored and one was found to be on top of a flour bin.
It is impractical to carry droppings on a horse; however, riders do sometimes return after a ride to pick these up.
The souvenir company making the products says the droppings, which mainly consist of the undigested remains of bamboo, are sterilized at a high temperature before being used in manufacturing.
Bird and bat droppings are thought to provide nutrients for H.
The researchers studied six sets of godwit droppings and found living larvae in three of the sets.
The droppings held bloodworms, which grow up to be midges that look like small mosquitoes.