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6 : a decrease in amount or quality <a drop in sales>
The drop test was conducted by Edwards' 418th Flight Test Squadron using a C-17 on loan from the Air Force's Air Mobility Command.
Drop shots can win points either outright or as part of a two-shot combination.
Most of the early DROPs were designed for small- to mediumsize public safety plans.
Because the smart dust reflects different wavelengths of light when in contact with different molecules, the researchers can track multiple drops simultaneously.
Such circumstances might include, but are certainly not limited to, previous treatment failure with quinolone drops, culture results that suggest that a quinolone drop would not be appropriate, and the unavailability of potentially nontoxic preparations.
Getting the lead out of Mexico City gasoline has contributed to a significant drop in the blood lead of local children, as it has elsewhere in the world, according to what is likely the first long-term study of such effects in a single group of people [EHP 112:1110-1115].
To correct for these problems in obtaining an accurate accounting of all students, the event dropout rate (USDOE, 2000a) was developed as a measure of the proportion of students who drop out of school in a given year, regardless of their cohort.
and a 15% drop in medium-to-heavy trucks and trailer production still is expected.
This secondary plate will also serve as a retainer to hold the manifold and drops together when you are removing the molding plates or inserts.
Under these programs, investment managers will sell fixed portions of stocks or futures when the market drops by a certain amount, often 3 percent.
io's improved interface is in addition to the existing customization feature that allows the appearance of drops to be personalized with custom logos, background patterns and richly formatted text.