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The [A.sub.max] and [g.sub.s] processes of the V93 genotype appeared more sensitive to droughty conditions than the other genotypes; its [A.sub.max] was relatively low among genotypes in September 2010, and its [g.sub.s] was lower than all other genotypes in September 2010.
The climate is typical continental, with extremely hot and droughty summers, average winters, early springs and late autumns, ideal for the maturation and overmaturation of the grapes.
As it happened, we had a very hot, droughty spell after the landscaping was completed and I stood with hose in hand sadly aware of the water I was using to help the plants take.
The project focuses on a small patch of wasteland , low agronomic interest ( shallow soils , acid and very droughty summer ) , establishing themselves away from natural environments of interest ( lawns , woods , heaths, scrub , walls ) and eliminating any direct impact on associated species.
A happy coincidence can mean we were born in a good neighborhood with a decent standard and we must be really unlucky to be born in the droughty areas of sub-Saharan Africa but it is perverse to claim that such arbitrary fact could influence what belongs to us and what we are eligible for.
Soils with PAWC <0.10-0.15 [m.sup.3][m.sup.-3] are 'droughty'.
The roles of stomatal and non-stomatal limitation, the behavior of photosystem PS2, specific proteins and Rubisco, lipids and sugars, as well as mechanisms of acclimation lead to stress tolerance in droughty plants.
The water regime of these soils is relatively unstable as they may dry out in droughty periods.
In droughty soil moisture conditions (dry HC types) the decomposition of SOM is modest and it takes place during a very short period; therefore the role of the biological activity (plant cover as well as soil organisms) is also modest.
Because of fire and droughty conditions, most of this present day forest was originally savanna communities with numerous prairie openings.
Exogenous application of ABA affected water use efficiency more in droughty plant than well-watered plants of jewel weed (Heschel and Hausmann, 2001).
In this manner, in the TCP sender, the ACK receptions become repeatedly droughty and bursty.