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Feed thee with famine and fever and fine drouth, With perfect pangs convulse thy perfect mouth, Make thy life shudder in thee and burn afresh.
It would inform the tree and all its parts, specifying the thickness of bark near the base and the thinness near the top, the number of branches, the density of foliage, the suppleness in wind, the process of pumping water nearly three hundred feet above the ground, the insulation against heat and cold, the resistance to fire and disease and drouth, and placing and depth of roots, with notes about which food they were to select, the adaptability to varying sites--a long list of things a tree ought to know, each essential, none superfluous.
And fierce he looked North, then, wheeling South, Blew with his bugle a challenge to Drouth,
The outrage lay not only in that outside critics were condemning `a group of courageous Americans for a six-year drouth cycle and national conditions beyond their control'; they were also destroying the property values, bank credit, and business prospects of the region.
But Gordon Smith was never one of them - while his fellow players brought a healthy drouth to the table, he abstained.
Inspired by the true story of how the SS Politician lost a cargo of whisky, this golden oldie comedy sees a bunch of shrewd Hebridean islanders sate their drouth when 50,000 cases of the hard stuff come floating their way.
Then there is a second group of poems that attempt a retrospective grasp of the poet's life as a whole, ones such as "Chain Saw at Dawn in Vermont in Time of Drouth," in which the insistent NOW of the chain-saw's sound, another moment of suspended time in which a fullness of meaning impends, being always not yet here but yet at hand, rebukes the startled-awake speaker into the reflection that he has learned neither how to live nor how to die.