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As the menu of the DVD implies, with its use of the camera as a drowsily opening and closing eye-capturing snapshots of scenes from the film, Leigh immediately implies that we need to wake up and register the truth of our situation in the twenty-first century.
Even that downy owl, rejected mascot for "sorrow's miseries," sounds again in the caution-cue drowsily (Keats hit this adverb after trying out heavily then sleepily (10)) for the sake of a flow into drown.
On summer nights, we sometimes take his pontoon boat out to the middle of the lake and sit at anchor, rocking drowsily to and fro.
For a couple of hours, we'd sunbathed and swum, and drowsily browsed our way through a couple of trashy potboilers as the temperature worked its way inexorably up to around 34 or 35 degrees.
The next five hours are spent in utter desperation, and your secretary drowsily grumbles under her breath as you instruct her to book the earliest flight out of town.
Willet presides drowsily over the early chapters of Barnaby Rudge as a comic personification of the prehistoric sleepiness of eighteenth-century rural England.
The Furies shift from murmuring in their sleep to moaning to drowsily believing they are already on the hunt, with the limited vocabulary of sleep-talk: "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" (grab'im grab'im, grab'im, grab'im: he's gone [130]).
15 comic map of Europe by Federic Rose, also called "Novel Carte de Europe designed for 1870"; England enraged forgets Ireland but still keeps it in her power; Spain and Portugal smoke away lazily; France tries to overthrow Prussia who advances one hand on Holland and knee over Austria; Italy advises Bismark to keep off; Corsica and Sardinia laugh on at all; Denmark hopes to recover Holstein; Turkey is drowsily awaking from smoke; Sweden crouchng like a panther; Russia as a beggar trying for anything to fill his basket.
Drowsily, we said good-bye to my aunt and got into the carriages that left soon after.
isn't the sort of research book that many of us drowsily struggle to comprehend.
51) The apparition arrives in circumstances suspiciously similar to the earlier happy arrival of Corinna, when the poet-lover one afternoon lay drowsily in a half-dark room (half-light, a shuttered window, a prostrate dreamer, Am.
As I sat by your bedside holding your hand you drowsily opened your eyes and responded to me by blinking as you couldn't speak due to the ventilator.