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Drowsiness was irresistibly mastering him, but he kept awake kept awake by an excruciating pain in his arm, for which he could find no satisfactory position.
Even on the top of the mountain where a breeze played lightly, it was very hot, and the heat, the food, the immense space, and perhaps some less well-defined cause produced a comfortable drowsiness and a sense of happy relaxation in them.
Fearful lest she might be overcome by the drowsiness that was stealing through her she rose and walked briskly to and fro, then she threw some more wood on the fire, walked over and stroked her horse's muzzle and returned to her seat.
He had learnt all there was to learn and had attained all there was to attain, there was nothing more to do and his spiritual drowsiness increased.
She tried to weary herself into drowsiness by counting over and over again the bunches of roses that were visible from her point of view.
Before long the sensation of drowsiness returned; I slept again for hours together.
And the whole table was aroused, shaken alive from monotony and drowsiness.
It is true, that readers are too apt to be so overtaken; but if the work was as long as any of Oldmixon, the author himself is too well entertained to be subject to the least drowsiness.
Grantly laid the paper down on the table and looked at Chris, who had already become the centre of all eyes, and who was yawning as from an overpowering drowsiness.
His wife had preceded him some time before, and with her ample form defined vaguely under the counterpane, her head on the pillow, and a hand under the cheek offered to his distraction the view of early drowsiness arguing the possession of an equable soul.
The gnawing of profound discomfort existed side by side with an incredible disposition to somnolence, as though he had been buffeted and worried into drowsiness.
Thinking begets, not only thought, but drowsiness occasionally, and the more the locksmith thought, the more sleepy he became.