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"I look like a drudge," said Rebecca mysteriously, with laughing eyes, "but I really am a princess; you mustn't tell, but this is only a disguise; I wear it for reasons of state.
The drudge knew better from long experience, than to hesitate about obeying, so he bundled the victim out by a side-door, and Mr Squeers perched himself again on his own stool, supported by Mrs Squeers, who occupied another at his side.
If he had struck the drudge, he would have slunk away without a word.
And Tildy was content to be the unwooed drudge if Aileen could receive the flattery and the homage.
Allowing five to a family, there are fifteen million families in this country; and at least ten million of these live separately, the domestic drudge being either the wife or a wage slave.
As these patient drudges were mingling their tears, they were notified that they must go on duty again, for one of the political parties had nominated a thief and was about to hold a gratification meeting.
They were the cheerful drudges of the party, loading and unloading the horses, pitching the tents, making the fires, cooking; in short, performing all those household and menial offices which the Indians usually assign to the squaws; and, like the squaws, they left all the hunting and fighting to others.
You belong with the oxen and the drudges, in dirty surroundings among smells and stenches.
Drudge (Mary Griffin) who supplies voluminous exposition and comprehensive back stories for the other characters, yet fails to notice the dead body, partly obscured by a sofa.
website Drudge Report, citing unidentified sources, said Jagger, 75, would undergo surgery this week in New York to replace a heart valve.
The Journal said Cohen commissioned John Gauger, who runs RedFinch Solutions, to write a computer script to repeatedly vote for Trump in a February 2015 Drudge Report poll on potential Republican candidates.
President Trump's former long-time attorney Michael Cohen hired RedFinch Solutions, a small IT company owned by John Gauger, the chief information officer at Liberty University in Virginia, where evangelical leader and Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr., is president, to fix early polls by CNBC and Drudge in order to favor then-candidate Trump, reports the Wall Street Journal.